Best natural plants for home decor India 2020

1. Nurturing Green Lucky Bamboo Two Layer Round Glass Pot

Nurturing Green Lucky Bamboo Two Layer Round Glass Pot

  • Appealing, elegant and easy to grow, our two layer bamboo is a perfect gift for your office and home. One of the strongest fengshui elements they are symbol of good luck and fortune.
  • MATERIAL: Natural Plants & Glass Pot

Two Layered Bamboo Is Perhaps The Most Popular Indoor Home Decor Natural Plant In The World. According To Feng Shui Masters, Wherever Bamboo Is Placed, Good Fortune Is Sure To Follow. It’s A Traditional Symbol Of Happiness, Wealth And Health. It Is Said That Every New Growing Leaf Will Bring Luck And Prosperity To The Owner. A Perfect Green Gift For Virtually Anyone. It Also Helps That They Have A Well-Earned Reputation As Nearly Indestructible. These Tough Stalks Can Survive In Vases Of Pure Water Or In Soil, And In A Wide Variety Of Light Conditions. Even A Poorly Kept Lucky Bamboo Plant Will Live For A Long Time. Nurturing Green’S Specially Crafted Plants Are Not Only Beautiful And Easy To Maintain, They Are Also Sent In A Technically Designed Packaging. It Is A Two Layered, Specially Ventilated Recyclable Packaging Which Keeps The Plant As Well As The Planter Safe.

DO’S 1. Change the water every 15th day

2. DO the pruning of old leaves and stem which turn yellow regularly to avoid fungal activity.

3. DO the pruning of roots 3 times a year using normal scissors.

4. Consider the lowest red ribbon as a water level indicator.

DONT’S 1. DON’T use chlorine water(usually tap water)as it kills the root. RO water is chlorine free and recommended.

2. DON’T over water or under water the plant. Ideally all roots should be submerged in water.

3. DON’T give direct sunlight otherwise the leaves will burn in summer , filtered light or morning sunlight is apt

4. Avoid temperature shock for better growth.

Nurturing Green Lucky Bamboo Plants


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2. Root Bridges Indoor Golden Money Plant (Pot included)

Root Bridges Indoor Golden Money Plant (Pot included)

  • Easy plant to grow quickly and provide the rooms with a colourful leaf display
  • Given as a gift in the hopes of bringing prosperity to the recipient
  • NASA places this plant among the top 3 houseplants which is great for removing formaldhyde and carbon monoxide and increasing general indoor air quality

Golden Money Plant has large, glossy, light yellow heart-shaped leaves which can brighten any indoor space. They can be trained up a totem pole, string, moss stick, or be made to spill over the edge of a table or shelf. They grow well in a hanging basket to display their attractive foliage. The leathery, shiny-surface, leaves are arranged alternately on 5-8 cm (2-3 inch) long leaf-stalks. They also can be encouraged to use their aerial roots to support themselves in a water vase. This is the ideal plant for offices, shopping centers, hotels and other public areas as they are easy to maintain in low light and are efficient at removing indoor pollutants.

Dimensions of Potted Plant: L x B x H ~ 8 x 8 x 10

Growth Medium: Soil Pot

Description: Round Plastic Pot Basic

Care Instructions:   Water: Twice a week

Light: Indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight. Bright filtered light throughout the year is best for these plants.

Feed: Liquid fertiliser once in 2 weeks 

Root Bridges Indoor Golden Money Plant


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3.Exotic Green Nice Indoor Oxygen & Air Purifier Natural Plant Golden Pothose In White & Blue Ceramic Pot

Exotic Green Nice Indoor Oxygen & Air Purifier Plant Golden Pothose In White & Blue Ceramic Pot

  • This Exotic Plant Comes In A Beautiful Pot. Our Pot Is Made From Good Quality Fiber To Ensure Durability And Longevity. Also, This Stylish Pot Can Stand With A Temperature Up To 40 Degrees
  • Care Instruction- Do’S:
  • Ideally Keep Them At A Place Which Gets 3-4 Hours Of Morning/Evening Indirect Sunlight.
  • Do The Pruning Of Old Leaves Which Turn Yellow To Avoid Fungal Attack.

Exotic Green Golden Pothos Natural Plant Is An Ideal House Plant Which Is Tolerant For Erratic Watering And Low-Light Conditions. It Can Be Placed In Indoors Or Outdoors Which Helps In Purifying The Air. This Plant Is Long-Growing Beautiful House Plant And Leafy Vine Which Trails Very Fresh And Freely. It Is Very High On The List Of Plants Which Helps You To Feel Fresh With Purified Air. Exotic Green Golden Pothos Natural Plant Is Made In Tissue Culture Lab Which Planted In Trays With Imported Coco Peat. It Is One Of The Hardy Plant Which Can Be Adapted To The Outer Environment.

Air Purifier Plant Golden Pothose


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